PHB is a real estate investment holding company and a subsidiary of Yayasan Amanah Hartanah Bumiputera. PHB is founded on the following core principles; enhance shareholder and investor values, practice sound corporate governance, foster innovation and growth, cultivate talent and reward performance. PHB’s goal is to enable long-term growth through managing, investing in and expanding its core businesses in the prime commercial real estate investment sector.

UEM Group Berhad (UEM Group)

UEM Group is Malaysia's leading engineering-based infrastructure and services conglomerate and an international entity operating in emerging and matured economies. UEM Group, which has the ability, expertise and resources to deliver as well as manage key infrastructure development projects and services for the public and private sectors, focuses on four key businesses namely Expressways, Township & Property Development, Engineering & Construction, and Asset & Facility Management. UEM Group’s headquarters and core geographic market is Malaysia and it has significant presence in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, India, Australia, Canada and the Middle East.

Medical Care Service (MCS)

A pioneer in the comprehensive nursing care business and no. 1 in Japan for the total of rooms dedicated to dementia-related treatment, MCS offers services that go beyond Japanese standards, providing wholehearted, dedicated, and detailed nursing care. In June 2016, MCS became the first Japanese nursing care business operator to achieve full occupancy and operational profit in China. With multiple projects underway, including the opening of a new facility in Petaling Jaya, MCS is actively expanding the scope of the nursing care business in China and South-East Asia by adapting its expertise to a local level. MCS brings services at the forefront of the nursing care business.