Introduction to Senior Living

Most aging adults would love the opportunity to stay in their home for as long as possible. However, increased physical and cognitive ailments can sometimes make staying at home seem impossible.

Aside from the physical aspect, the mental and emotional welfare should not be overlooked. Ensuring a positive (happy, content, accomplished) or a less negative (sad, angry, anxious) life is important to avoid vulnerability, loneliness, boredom and isolation which could lead to depression and a decline in overall health.

While choosing to stay in the comfort of somewhere familiar can at times seem to be the easier choice, moving into an aged care facility does have a list of worthwhile benefits:

Change in Needs

Relying on neighbours, family and friends as aging adults’ needs change over time isn’t always feasible, particularly if members of the family work or aren’t situated nearby when the residents need them. In investing in an aged care facility, the staff onsite are able to effectively monitor health over time and adapt their level of care if and when their needs change. Additionally, aged care facilities can ensure they have access to the services, equipment, medication and any specialist care they require to be at their best.

Daily Support

Living in a senior living facility can relieve them of tasks such as household maintenance, gardening and cooking, cleaning and even laundry! Meals are prepared for residents to take a load off their plate and menus are planned often in consultation with a dietician for nutritionally balanced, healthy dishes.

Meeting Like-Minded People

Living in a senior living facility can give their social life a makeover and introduce them to other like-minded people. If they had previously been living alone or found themselves physically isolated from family and friends, they will love the social side of living in a senior living facility. Facilities offer regular social events and scheduled activities for those who wish to get involved, plus they’ll naturally meet others with many new neighbours and in communal spaces throughout the residence. They will be sure to make many new friends in no time.

Never a Boring Moment

Onsite and offsite activities are provided based on residents’ input and interests to entertain, stimulate and ensure an enjoyable care experience. Suggestions on the types of excursions and activities residents would like to experience are highly encouraged.

Qualified Professionals

They will receive care from trained and qualified professionals who specialise in the needs of seniors. For those who are able to live independently and require low level care, they can have peace of mind that assistance is nearby if need be, and for those requiring a higher level of care, help is always on hand 24/7 for their health and comfort.

Medical Aid and Health Services

Should they require medical care while living in a senior living facility, help is never far away. If they live at home however, they may need to rely on family, friends and neighbours if they fall ill and are unable to get themselves from A to B to visit a medical professional. Senior living facilities can help them to manage regular medical appointments with existing service providers, obtain prescribed medication, recommend specialists and even arrange visits onsite if residents require it.

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