Privacy Note

We, Rei Seraya Residence, our subsidiaries and associate companies (collectively, "Rei Seraya Residence"), respect and are committed to protecting your privacy and all your Personal Data.


  • 1.1

    In this Policy :-

    "Authorised Third Parties" means Rei Seraya Residence’s employees, consultants, advisors, contractors, agents, third party suppliers or service providers with whom Rei Seraya Residence enters into contract(s), or any relevant bodies, corporations, institutions, agencies or authorities (statutory, governmental or otherwise).

    "Personal Data" means any personal information relating to any individual that such individual has provided to Rei Seraya Residence or made available to Rei Seraya Residence.

    "Services" comprises any communications, information or other products or services provided by Rei Seraya Residence.

  • 1.2

    This Policy is issued in both Bahasa Malaysia and English languages. In the event of any inconsistency, the English language version shall prevail.

  • 1.3

    Rei Seraya Residence reserve the right to update and amend this Policy from time to time. Any material changes will be posted on Rei Seraya Residence’s website with the updated Policy.


  • 2.1

    The Personal Data may comprise of :-

    • (a)   contact information;
    • (b)   business contact information;
    • (c)   username and password;
    • (d)   financial information;
    • (e)   employment information;
    • (f)   medical records;
    • (g)   social media identifier; and/or

    such other information depending on the nature of dealings or transactions (such as language preference, age, date of birth, gender, status, shopping behaviour and preferences, etc.).

  • 2.2

    Rei Seraya Residence may use your Personal Data :-

    • (a)   to communicate with you;
    • (b)   to understand your needs;
    • (c)   to provide and improve the Services;
    • (d)   to process your transactions;
    • (e)   to respond to your queries;
    • (f)   to organize relevant activities;
    • (g)   to conduct market surveys and trend analysis;
    • (h)   to provide you with information on products and services of Rei Seraya Residence;
    • (i)   for other legitimate business activities of Rei Seraya Residence; and/or

    for such other purposes in connection with your transaction(s) with Rei Seraya Residence (collectively, "Purposes").

  • 2.3

    In connection with your transaction(s) with Rei Seraya Residence, Rei Seraya Residence may collect or obtain your Personal Data from various sources, including publicly available information systems and reporting agencies.

  • 2.4

    You may, at the time your Personal Data is collected, opt-out of having it used for purposes not directly related to the Services, for instance by clicking ‘Unsubscribe’ in the communications sent to you or by contacting Rei Seraya Residence via the details set out below. However, should you decide to do so, Rei Seraya Residence may not be able to provide you with the Services whilst your subscription to or application for the Services may be declined, denied or refused.


  • 3.1

    Rei Seraya Residence do not use, process, record, hold, store, share and disclose (collectively, "process") your Personal Data and do not sell, rent or disclose your Personal Data to any third party without your consent save for the Purposes, and in the manner as described in this Policy or otherwise disclosed to you at the time it is collected, or in circumstances as required or permitted under the law.

  • 3.2

    Rei Seraya Residence may need to collaborate with the Authorised Third Parties for the Purposes, or the purpose of providing part or all of Rei Seraya Residence’s Services to you, or the purpose of performing market research and statistical analysis. In such circumstances, Rei Seraya Residence will disclose your Personal Data on a strictly confidential basis to the Authorised Third Parties as is necessary for the Authorised Third Parties to provide such services. The Authorised Third Parties are required to safeguard the privacy and security of your Personal Data and are not allowed to process your Personal Data except for the limited purpose of providing such services or compliance with legal requirements.

  • 3.3

    Rei Seraya Residence may from time to time contact you on behalf of Rei Seraya Residence’s business partners about particular goods, offers or services that may be of interest to you. In such circumstances, your Personal Data will not be disclosed to such third party. All communications in this regard will be sent to you by Rei Seraya Residence.

  • 3.4

    Rei Seraya Residence may use or disclose your Personal Data for auditing, accounting, research, analysis or reporting purposes in accordance with this Policy.

  • 3.5

    It may be necessary for your Personal Data to be transferred to other entities or service providers located in countries outside Malaysia. This may occur when Rei Seraya Residence’s servers, suppliers and/or service providers are based outside Malaysia or you use the Services from countries outside Malaysia. In such circumstances, Rei Seraya Residence will take steps to ensure that your Personal Data are respected in accordance with this Policy.

  • 3.6

    Rei Seraya Residence will obtain your consent prior to processing your Sensitive Personal Data, save in circumstances as required or permitted under the law. "Sensitive Personal Data" comprises information as to individual’s physical or mental health or condition, political opinions, religious beliefs or other beliefs of a similar nature, commission or alleged commission of any offence, or any other Personal Data designated as such.


  • 4.1

    In the usage of Rei Seraya Residence’s websites, Rei Seraya Residence’s web servers generally record anonymous information such as the time, date and Uniform Resource Locator (URL) of the request. This information assists Rei Seraya Residence to improve the structure of the websites and monitor their performance. From time to time, Rei Seraya Residence may also use the Authorised Third Parties to analyse this anonymous information.

  • 4.2

    As a mandatory requirement, Rei Seraya Residence may collect standard information such as a Login ID, Password, contact details, identification numbers or other Personal Data for verification purposes. This information is necessary for Rei Seraya Residence to provide the services for which you applied. You shall maintain the secrecy of your Login ID and Password enabling you to access Rei Seraya Residence’s website as Rei Seraya Residence will not be able to secure the Personal Data if you reveal your Login ID and Password to anyone.

  • 4.3

    Rei Seraya Residence collect and manage Internet Protocol (IP) addresses as part of the service of providing internet session management as well as for security purposes. IP addresses are assigned to computers on the internet to uniquely identify them within the global network.

  • 4.4

    Rei Seraya Residence’s websites may transmit to any visitor’s computer a 'cookie' i.e. a package of data that allows Rei Seraya Residence’s server to identify and interact more effectively with such computer, thereby also providing additional login convenience. You may configure and personalize your browser to refuse, reject or delete such cookies.


  • 5.1

    Rei Seraya Residence take all reasonable precautions to ensure that the Personal Data that Rei Seraya Residence use, process and disclose is accurate, complete and up-to-date, subject however to the information provided by you.

  • 5.2

    You may access your Personal Data that is in Rei Seraya Residence’s possession or control and you may request that it be amended, corrected, removed from Rei Seraya Residence’s records or that its processing be limited, subject to the exceptions and limitations permitted under the law. However, should you decide to do so, Rei Seraya Residence may not be able to provide you with the Services whilst your subscription to or application for the Services may be declined, denied or refused.

  • 5.3

    You may contact Rei Seraya Residence via the details set out below for the above purposes. For security reasons, you are required to submit a written request and Rei Seraya Residence reserve the right to charge a fee or to refuse such request by furnishing a written explanation.


  • 6.1

    Rei Seraya Residence implement security policies, rules and physical as well as technical measures to protect your Personal Data from unauthorised access, improper use or disclosure, unauthorised modification, unlawful destruction, accidental loss or theft. All Rei Seraya Residence’s employees and data processors who have access to and are involved with the processing of your Personal Data including the Authorised Third Parties are obliged to respect your Personal Data in accordance with this Policy.

  • 6.2

    Your Personal Data will be stored and backed up securely in a location which is accessible by Rei Seraya Residence’s authorised personnel and will be retained for as long as necessary for the Purposes and thereafter for a period of time that is required or permitted under the law.


    If :-

  • (a)   you have any query in relation to this Policy; or

  • (b)   you wish to access, correct, amend, remove or limit the processing of your Personal Data,

you may submit your written request between 9.00AM and 5.00PM from Mondays to Fridays (save for public holidays) by post to the following address :-

Rei Seraya
Kampung Berembang
55000 Kuala Lumpur
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur
50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia